Located in South Africa, one of the most prominent emerging economies in the world, Pentangelis has access to highly scalable business opportunities within an environment that boasts a developed economy and capital market, and industry which is resource rich, highly skilled and industrially driven.

Our business environment is enhanced by a strong democratic constitution, an established legal system and a post-apartheid transformation policy system that drives the creation of opportunities to achieve equitable distribution of benefit from activities within our robust economy.

Pentangelis is a black owned enterprise, conforming to our Governments Black Economic Empowerment policy 100%, which provides a deepened understanding of the transformation process, and how to manage this transition culturally, and socio-economically. This provides a distinct value add in our economic landscape.

We select investment opportunities on the basis of strong operational capacity, defined market access and offtake, management capability to execute optimally and scalability to grow into a substantial market participant. We are not a passive investor, but take an active role in combination with executive management through leveraging our expertise, experience and networks to optimize the potential of our strategic investments and ensure their continued success.

We are currently in the process of establishing a niche private equity model that will be a pioneer in our capital market, and will have a dedicated focus on industrial projects that deliver above average job creation, sustainable operations and exceptional returns and capital growth, which we are targeting to launch by mid 2014.

Sectors of interest include:

  •        Energy (oil, gas and renewables)
  •        Resources / Mining
  •        Agriculture
  •        Manufacturing
  •        Mobile Telecoms
  •        Social development projects and sovereign partnerships (PPP’s)