Welcome to the Pentangelis Group ...                                                                              


Pentangelis is a diversified , entrepreneurially driven commodities trade, investment and corporate advisory group. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we leverage our international expertise and experience combined with local knowledge and execution capability to develop sustainable and profitable business alliances that will bridge the divide between emerging and developed economies, ultimately culminating in the optimized efficiency of emerging markets to be self-sustainable and able to engage from a position of strength within global markets.

Founded at the turn of the century, we are a team of professional entrepreneurs with tier one international experience and expertise in trade, high level corporate,  capital and transaction structuring, and successful business across a diversity of sectors.

Pentangelis is built on the ethos of strength through innovation, robust performance and service excellence. Our understanding of and experience in the dynamically changing global business landscape positions us favourably as an enterprise where profit and performance are defined by the strength of our diverse expertise to identify opportunity and execute with distinct clarity gained from understanding not single commercial opportunities, but entire industry value chains, as we navigate through risk and change management, to implement strategies that deliver optimal efficiency and performance.

Our approach embraces volatility as a constant, our vision is dynamic and our execution precise.

We develop global partnerships through trade, high level corporate advisory and strategic investment, to create a flexible, agile business web of strength, able to perform at optimal levels beyond the standard ‘best efforts’ basis, and in the process creating a multi- dimensional mutualistic  environment of benefit. Our business network is defined by like-minded mostly emerging market alliances, strengthened by our developed economy partners, in delivering an environment of integrity where we choose to be successful for the benefit our group, our partners, and the communities and environment that we operate in.


                                   We build success. Optimally.

Corporate Social InvestmentPentangelis is a 100% black owned business, and understands the dynamics of change required to transform our fledgling democracy economically to ensure equitable participation for all of our citizens.

Pentangelis utilises its skills and experience to enhance the commercialisation of community driven projects, through assisting communities to participate meaningfully in industries or commercial activities that occur in close proximity to their living environment. This develops a sense of ownership and understanding of the commercial activity within their immediate surroundings and thereby elevates their mindset to one of true empowerment, providing a sense of purpose and sustained dignity, along with the desire for upward mobility.



“One only needs to provide a man with a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and a means of self sustainability to empower him with dignity, and as he develops a concept of greater self worth that is earned, his integrity will permeate through the values entrenched in his family, and in his community, and it will extend to every facet of his life, his interaction with other people and with our Earth, and it will ultimately resound through the corridors of life, as he carves out a legacy.” – Adrian Booysen, founder and CEO of Pentangelis Group.