Business Strategy Advisory 


In a capital market environment where change is the only constant, volatility can be a business's greatest enemy, unless it is structured to handle a myriad of risk variables, and navigate through risk event probability scenarios to achieve optimal functionality, flexibility and agility. How prepared is your business to manage change?

Proactive business strategy to mitigate risk and prepare a direction for success becomes a basic fundamental. Every business needs to innovate to capture the optimal strategy and structure that will enhance profitability and performance, and mitigate risk.

Welcome to a school of thought that understands historic structures and strategies, has in depth analysis capability, visionary and innovative ability to design bespoke capital and corporate structures, and execute and implement with pinpoint efficacy.

At Pentangelis Corporate Advisory, we have experience and expertise in developing corporate and capital structures that are innovative and result in long term profit and capital growth sustainability. Our transaction based approach analyses the market environment, the capital requirements and the operational dynamics to invoke an optimized multi-faceted strategic plan, whether your company requires capitalization, restructuring or is engaged in merger and acquisition activity, or the creation of self sustainable fund structures.

We have been involved in designing transaction structures up to ZAR10 billion, through our strategic alliance with Innovation 7 Structuring, but independently handle transactions up to ZAR100 million. We provide services on a time, materials and success fee basis, from conceptual structure design through to development of Investment Memorandums, Business Plans and Proposals through to implementation.

Services offered include:

  •        Capital structuring
  •        Corporate strategy
  •        Capital raising
  •        BEE facilitation and structuring
  •        Merger and acquisition transaction structuring