Commodity Trade


The basic fundamental of all commerce is trade. Whether it be goods, services or information, the underlying basis of any commercial transaction is trade. The ancient discoveries of foreign lands were mostly executed through exploration to expand trade and find new and different resources. Today, similarly, the world has become a village marketplace, with new trade agreements the order of the day. However, it takes an experienced trader to navigate through the volatility and risks associated with the many variables that can impact on the simplest trade transaction; currency volatility, price volatility, natural disasters, civil unrest, etc. any of which can have dire consequences for the novice trader. 

Pentangelis is experienced in trade and logistics, and we recognize the trade of physical commodities as the foundation of global commerce, and we understand the underlying dynamics of trade, and its impact on the global economy. Without trade, the global economy ceases to function.

Our trade division facilitates trade in agricultural products, mineral resources and value added goods. Dependent on the requirement of a transaction, the nature of the commodity and its producers or buyers, we structure transactions as facilitators or trade directly for distribution within our own network. We have the ability to source products globally, based on our differentiated experience and contact network, which span not only traders, but academics, diplomats and business professionals.

We are optimally located in the most developed economy in Africa, and are a gateway to Africa and the Middle East. Our networks extend globally, to China, Russia, the Middle East, Poland, Ireland, Turkey, the US and Brazil, with many more access points around the world. Africa is a mineral rich continent, with enormous export potential of its resources, yet it largely remains a net importer of processed products, as it steadily grows into the industrial giant it can be. The resultant effect of this imbalance creates a whirlwind of continuous, high demand trade, and Pentangelis is perfectly positioned through our physical location, physical resources, our expertise and experience, to be a preferred trade partner for your product, or your need. 

Our deep understanding of logistics, future markets, currency and market price volatilities positions us favourably to execute transactions involving significant volumes of physical commodities with minimal risk, and we have strong networks that provide enhanced capability to source or distribute goods.